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Netcom has Great Courses

Netcom Training has given me the flexibility by providing me the option to do my training around my working hours. The staff is very helpful in providing an amazing training experience. So far, I have received a job opportunity with SOTI Enterprise Mobility Management through the help of Netcom. I would say that my experience so far has been great, I just wish there was opportunities for weekend assistance and volunteer experience.

- Jermaine Dixon

Worth the time and the wait. Got a Double Distinction which led me to an IT Administration role which I love and enjoy and looks impressive on my CV. I would definitely recommend to anybody in the IT industry, and I still have my CompA+ and MCSa to go 🙂

- Dragoo Tashon
“Change of career”

I would recommend Netcom to anyone. I did the 7 week course with them. I had no background in IT but I really wanted to get into IT. My background was in science. The course started with basic IT stuff which was helpful for me. I passed my exam after 3 months and got certified. Now I started as a first line support with a company in Coventry. I'm very happy about it that I can finally say I got what I wanted.

- charlotte chop
“My Netcom training experience”

I attended Necom for a three month IT training course back in 2014 to help me get back into the It industry. I can honestly say that was one of the best decisions I have made. The staff were friendly, professional and very helpful is assisting me on my career path. I have now settled down into an IT career now and very happy with the results of what their quality training has produced.

“A way to a successful IT Career”

Excellent experience which lead to a successful IT Career. Netcom not only prepared me for Comptia and MCSA exams, but arranged me with job interviews, helped me prepare for the interviews, made an outstanding CV and provide a friendly relationship. Even after a coupple of years they still help me with job references and support with job applications. Recommend to everyone looking for an IT Career. If you dedicated enough these guys will make it happen.

-Karolis Vitkus