A Word of Thanks

As today is my last day here at Netcom Centre and IT Course Level 1, I would like to leave behind the following lines as a word of thanks. I am extremely satisfied and enjoyed the 7 weeks I was here due to the dedication, friendliness and continuous guidance given to me and to whole class by Vimla who spent most of the time with us. She is helpful, friendly and technically know well IT performance.I am supposed to finish the course on 07/03/2019, but due to the encouragement and immediate response from Vimla, I finished today 27/02/2019 which is more than a week ahead of time. I have a plan to come back to the centre to do IT course level 2 due to my comfort and enjoyment with the centre instructors as a whole.To conclude, I would like to thank to Vimla and others as well as the class.Goodbye and thanks to everybody.

- Hassan Ysain
Learner success story

“My name is Doreen Brown and I found out about Netcom when I first went to Momentum Skills. They forward me to Netcom because I was interested in improving my IT skills and Knowledge. Netcom have progressed me from Entry Level 1 to Btec Level 1 Diploma in IT. One of the reasons why I wanted to do Btec Level 1 IT was to see how my brain works after my stroke and to see what my capabilities are. My tutor Bea (Vimla) has been very supportive to parts when I was not good and the patients she had with me is over welling and words cannot describe how I feel. I would like to say a big Thank you to her. I’m glad i came to Netcom because it also increased my socialising skills by meeting new people which are very friendly. One of the support that I got from netcom was when i was ill in January for a month, i was able to return to my Btec course. I was very happy to complete my Btec Level 1 course. Moving forward i can relate this course to others people who will benefit from it. I would like to progress into Level 2 and a Business course here with Netcom in the future”.

-Doreen Brown
Hi Mike

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and guidance on the BTEC Level 3 course. I really appreciate the advice and teaching you have given me. You are a great teacher and I have really enjoyed my time on the course I've learnt a lot since doing the course and it has really helped me in my current role as a Front End Web Developer. Apologies for the constant emails about assignments. I was just keen to get my final grade as I am in the process of applying for jobs in Cyber Security and wanted to add the BTEC to my CV. I still plan on doing the Security+ course for the September intake so I may see you again soon but hope you have a nice summer. Take care and best wishes. Kind regards, Darren Wilde

- Darren Wilde
“My Netcom training experience”

"It was a sheer delight to attend Dominic's class in BTEC level 1 in IT. He has such a good level of communication with many people ….from the ones that are knowledgeable to the ones that are new into IT. I have to say ”The Teacher" in him is very approachable he listens and communicates with stimulating drive.... whoever you may be! And.... if you’re stuck....! Dominic will and does apply a different approach until you get it! “ALWAYS POSITIVE AND ALWAYS AT HAND." There has never been a day where the time seems to drag …..Exactly the opposite! His classes are engaging, informative, fun and serious and you are able to open your mind and be stimulated by the course work that is practical as well as academic. He is ……." One astounding Person" that can give you that light bulb moment, which in turn you can put your thoughts into your course work to drive to succeed .!!!!!!!

-Privileged Student , Janet Hatfield
Netcom has Great Courses

Netcom Training has given me the flexibility by providing me the option to do my training around my working hours. The staff is very helpful in providing an amazing training experience. So far, I have received a job opportunity with SOTI Enterprise Mobility Management through the help of Netcom. I would say that my experience so far has been great, I just wish there was opportunities for weekend assistance and volunteer experience.

- Jermaine Dixon
“My Netcom training experience”

I attended Necom for a three month IT training course back in 2014 to help me get back into the It industry. I can honestly say that was one of the best decisions I have made. The staff were friendly, professional and very helpful is assisting me on my career path. I have now settled down into an IT career now and very happy with the results of what their quality training has produced.

Netcom has Great Courses

I have enjoyed my IT training at Netcom, the skills that I have gained were very valuable and beneficial. I have already completed my BTEC at Netcom and looking forward to pass A+ exam. I would like to thank all the IT team at Netcom for their support, especially Mike and Nick. Mike was a brilliant tutor. I do certainly recommend Netcom for anyone willing to proceed a career in IT or just needs to enhance his/her IT skills.

- RtEch A.M
Good afternoon Sir,

Ordinary words are insufficient to thank you for your help. I don't really know what would have happened without your help. You are always ready to answer questions from students during normal classes and tutorial classes even when the question doesn't make sense. However, you are very accommodating, encouraging and receptive irrespective of cultural difference, I must admit, you are one of your kind! Once again thank you so much. Kindest regards,

- Pius Sannitops