Business Admin Apprenticeship Level 3


12-18 Months

Awarding Body

City & Guilds

Who is the Apprenticeship for?

This Apprenticeship is ideal for any of your employees working in largely administrative roles in any part of your organisation whether it is in the public, private or charitable sector.
These employees work both independently and as part of a team, developing, implementing, maintaining and improving a wide range of administrative services that support your business’ success. This Apprenticeship is suitable for your employees that are ready for their next challenge as well as those that have recently taken on extra responsibilities

Typical roles that this Apprenticeship will support are:

Administration Assistant, Receptionist or Reception Supervisor, Personal Assistant, Office Assistant, Legal or Medical Secretary & Administration Supervisor.

How will they learn?

Our Personal Tutors will deliver high-quality face-to-face learning and coaching and provide all the resources your employee will need to progress quickly. Our intuitive learner management system ‘Bud’ will really bring the subject to life through interactive learning tools, access to complementary online resources and relevant social communities, as well as provide real-time learner information so that you will always know what your employee is learning and how they are progressing.

What are my career progression and potential earning?
  • The average salary for Digital Marketing jobs is £47,500. Ref: CWJOBS
Modules We Cover

IT: Skilled in the use of multiple IT packages and systems relevant to the organisation in order to: write letters or emails, create proposals, perform financial processes, record and analyse data.

  • Record & Document Production: Apprentices learn to produce accurate records and documents including: emails, letters, files, payments, reports and proposals. They will draft correspondence, write reports and be able to review others’ work. Coach others in the processes required to complete these tasks
  • Decision Making: Apprentices learn how to exercise proactivity and good judgement. Make effective decisions based on sound reasoning and be able to deal with challenges in a mature way.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Apprentices learn to build and maintain positive relationships within their own team and across the organisation. Demonstrate ability to influence and challenge appropriately and become a role model.
  • Communications: Apprentices learn good communication skills, whether face-to-face, on the telephone, in writing or on digital platforms. Answer questions from inside and outside of the organisation, representing the organisation or department.
  • Quality: Apprentices learn how to complete tasks to a high standard and demonstrate a level of expertise required to complete tasks and apply themselves to continuously improve their work. Review processes autonomously and make suggestions for improvements. Share best-practice and apply problem-solving skills
  • Planning and Organisation: Apprentices learn to take responsibility for initiating and completing tasks, manage priorities and time in order to successfully meet deadlines. Positively manage the expectations of colleagues at all levels and set a positive example for others in the workplace.
  • Project Management: Apprentices learn to use relevant project management principles and tools to scope, plan, monitor and report. Undertakes and leads projects as and when required.
  • The Organisation & Skills: Apprentices learn to understand organisational purpose, activities, aims, values, vision for the future, resources and the way that the political/economic environment affects the organisation. They will also learn about organisational structure and how they fit within their team.
  • Regulations & Policies: Apprentices learn to understand laws and regulations that apply to their role including data protection, health & safety, compliance etc. Support the company in applying the regulations and key business policies.
  • Stakeholders: Apprentices learn to manage stakeholders and their differing relationships to an organisation including internal and external customers, clients and/or suppliers and foster relationships with suppliers and partner organisations.
  • Business Fundamentals: Apprentices learn to understand the applicability of business principles such as managing change, business finances and project management.
  • External Environment Factors: Apprentices learn the relevant external factors e.g. market forces, policy & regulatory changes, supply chain etc. and the wider business impact.
  • Professionalism & Personal Qualities: Apprentices learn to behave in a professional way including: personal presentation, respect, respecting and encouraging diversity to cater for wider audiences, punctuality and attitude to colleagues, customers and key stakeholders. Demonstrate integrity, reliability, self-motivation, being pro-active and a positive attitude. Take responsibility for their own work and developing their team, accept feedback in a positive way, use initiative and show resilience.
  • Adaptability & Responsibility: Apprentices learn how to accept and deal with changing priorities related to both their own work and to the organisation. Take responsibility for team performance and quality of projects delivered.

Netcom Added Incentive:

Netcom Training understands the continual support and changing tools in the administration roles, which is why we are the only provider which will add Microsoft 365 Suite training including Word, Outlook and Excel. These are key tools require too boost productivity and efficiency in the work place.

Business and Administration can help you succeed in a support role in any size or type of organisation. These roles include:

  • Secretary
  • Receptionist
  • Administrator
  • Personal assistant
  • Office supervisor team leader
  • Manager


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