Complaints Policy

Learner Appeals Procedure

The Complaint Procedure is intended to enable learners, potential learners, employers, clients and the general public to bring matters of concern about their learning experience to the attention of the Company and enable investigation of those concerns with the aim of a satisfactory resolution. This process provides feedback to help improve the services for our students. Complaints about assessment decisions should follow the Appeals Procedure.

  • In the first instance a Learner should discuss their complaint with their tutor, or other member of centre staff involved in their learning program.
  • In most cases the complaint can be sorted out by listening to the learner and discussing ways forward that will remove any issues.
  • The opportunities offered in order to demonstrate competence of attainment;
  • Many perceived complaints are a simple misunderstanding and need be taken no further than appropriate informal discussions.
  • If the Learner is not satisfied and wishes to make a formal complaint, as much detail as possible of the informal discussions should be recorded in case it is required later in the complaint process Process of assessment;

Formal Complaint

If the Learner has tried the informal approach and is still not happy, then they may initiate a formal complaint.

  • The Learner should contact the Company’s Centre Manager in writing stating the nature of your complaint.
  • The complaint will need to contain relevant details, including the nature of the complaint, a full description, dates, times, persons involved etc.
  • The complaint will then be investigated by the Centre manager, or another appropriate person
  • The Learner will be notified of the outcome within 10 working days of the complaint being made

Appealing a Complaint Outcome

Where a Learner is not satisfied by the outcome of the formal complaint, they may appeal the outcome.

  • The appeal must be made in writing to the Director(s) of Netcom Training clearly stating their reasons for appealing the outcome of the Formal Complaint process.
  • The Director(s) will review the complaint taking in to account all aspects of the process (informal and formal) and respond with a decision within 30 working days of receiving the appeal letter.
  • The Director(s) decision will be final.

Policy Updated: Date 20th March 2019