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  • Microsoft IT Technician Course
    1. BTEC Level 3 in IT
    2. CompTIA
    3. MCSA (Windows Server 2012 certification)
  • Cyber Security Course
    1. BTEC Level 3 in IT
    2. CompTIA Networking+
    3. CompTIA Security+
    4. Cyber Security Analyst+

If you want to forge a career in one of the fastest growing industries, but are finding it difficult to pay, then there are funding options available.

Free Computer Course

Netcom Training is running free IT course to help you with online basics, develop computer skills and more.

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Commercial Microsoft training courses comprise of tailored programs designed to allow employees to gain experience and understanding into the key functions of a business.


Netcom Training provides a unique careers guidance service and will collaborate with you to define a careers professional role to suit your priorities.


There has never been a better or more important time to upgrade your IT skills, individuals who can prove their skills to key technologies may have a distinct advantage over their peers. Whether you’re a seasoned IT professional or just getting started in a new career, obtaining your Microsoft certification now can help you differentiate yourself in the IT marketplace and may help you get a new job, excel in your current job or advance your career. That’s why we keep up to date with Microsoft courses, Cyber Security Analyst CSA+, CompTIA+ and more.

IT courses are very important today

Funded IT Training For A Brighter Profession

If you want to give an edge to your career you should know how to use computers. Today every field has some use of computers. Be it educational field, industrial sector, fashion designing, web designing, etc. almost half of the world’s work is dependent on the computer

If you are a person who has no knowledge of how a computer works, then you should opt for a free IT Training. In such course they teach you the basics of the computer like working with Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint etc. they also teach you how to work with the internet.  After you complete the course you’ll have a fair idea about them and you can choose your career in the IT field if you like working with computers.  If you are already clear with the basics then you could join our funded computer course.

Funded Courses in computer help you gain an insight into how computers work. It is very important to know some things like how to email, how to download documents, how to convert them to different format etc. this makes work easier for everyone. If you know all this you can make any work faster.

Courses in computer can open up many career opportunities. You can be a graphic designer, cartoon designer, animation, web designer, game designer, etc. Also, computers are used in many fields like the film industry, fashion industry, etc.

Funded Computer Courses is crucial if you want a good job. Suppose you want to make a good presentation. You can make it better by making it on a PowerPoint presentation instead of making it manually.

Computer training makes you more innovative and creative. This is because there is much software which makes your work interesting and creative.

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Student Reviews

One of the best institution for IT Training in the heart of Birmingham city and I completed my BTEC, A+ already and am looking forward to take MCSA exam soon. Netcom has got excellent and dedicated lecturers who gave us brilliant support and guidance to complete all training modules.We were given enough time to do our practise sessions in the lab with the support of lecturers, espcially I would like to thank Mike and Dominiq for giving their best during the lecturers and also would like to thank Nick for selecting and giving me this such a wonderful opportunity to develop my knowledge and skills with Netcom. I would definitely recomend Netcom Institute for anyone who needs to develop and begin their career with the IT .

Kishor Kumar

Netcom has provided me with the knowledge and skills required for their IT courses. I've got a job offer as an IT Technical.

Sanjay Patel

This will be an honest review. I've been with Netcom since last June 2016. Course: I must say Mike is one of the best instructors I've ever had. Mike has 25-30 years of teaching experience.

usman zeb